Have a question?

Can I leave the festival site and come back later the same day?

Unfortunately no.

Can I withdraw money on the festival?

No, there are no ATM on the festival site. Be careful by withdrawing beforehand.

We’ll also accept credit cards.

What access for people with reduced mobility?

The festival is organized to welcome people with reduced mobility (accompaniment upon arrival).

To organize your visit, please write to: hello@cercle.io

What if I lose (or find) an item?

You can drop off or pick up your item at the Consignment area at the main entrance of the site. At the end of the festival an inventory of found objects will be published on the Facebook page.

Is there a minimum age to attend the festival?

Yes, the festival is forbidden to minors, even accompanied.

Are animals allowed on the festival?

Unfortunately, our dear animals are not allowed on the festival grounds.

Will water be available?

Yes, drinking fountains will be available for free at the festival.