Bar & food

Drinks & food

We will offer 9 stands for food at the festival, from the simple fries to elaborate delicious meals. 2 bars will be at your disposal onsite (beers, soft, wines & champagne).

Here is the menu for food!

Can I use my cashless account to pay the food?
– Yes. You can pay the food only with your cashless wristband.

I’m a vegetarian/vegan, is there any food stand for me?
– Of course, we will have many choices for vegetarians/vegans too.

Plastic cups are the only way to drink ?
– Yes, you need to buy yours first

How to buy them?
– At your first drink, you’ll be charged with 1€ and you’ll be given a cup

Can I give it back for money?
– Yes.

Here is the drinks menu: